Some would like to see it as another Berlin, but the Polish capital is distinct enough to withstand such comparisons. Naturally, the two cities have a lot in common – both were rebuilt from the wartime rubble, neither is beautiful in a classic touristy sense, and both can be gruelling. In this still unsettled space at the point where East meets West, a pioneering air of organizing the city anew by artists and activists is buzzing – just like in Berlin before it became trendy and as such inevitably gentrified. The two cities are connected by people – working for diverse, mostly creative sectors – who by virtue of their activity move regularly between Berlin and Warsaw.

The Great Escape

Beata Chomątowska

Dawid paints David

An interview with Dawid Celek by Łukasz Prokop

No district safe enough

Dr Andrej Holm in interview by Dorota Groyecka

Berlin full of surprises

The City Through Jakob Hein’s Lens. Marcin Wilk


Joanna Turek

Quarter of a Century of Closeness

Leszek Napiontek

The city built on quartz

Dorota Danielewicz

Species: Curator

Agnieszka Pindera


Thibaut de Ruyter