Our activity is based on cooperation. Berlin-Warsaw @rtpress platform has come into being thanks to joint efforts of Stacja Muranów Association, agitPolska and the City of Warsaw which co-finances our project. An unhindered exchange of ideas is of utmost importance to us, we would therefore like to serve as a link between the Warsaw and Berlin creative milieus. We expect the platform to become a vital internet medium bringing together the most thrilling grass-root cultural initiatives from both cities. So far, the information on such initiatives has been scattered all over the web; the platform will therefore make it easier for the artists from both countries to relate and to initiate joint projects. We also hope to be able to expand a group to which those creative efforts are addressed and thus launch them onto an international trajectory.

The platform will publish selected content provided by our partners, i.a. Dialog and Dwutygodnik periodicals, as well as the most interesting and original literary and visual materials delivered by writers and journalists from Poland and Germany. Owing to the institutions which have kindly agreed to support us, we are able to offer fees for the texts we order; however, the platform will also contain material submitted by authors, already published or published simultaneously in various web locations, as well as purpose-developed for Berlin-Warsaw @rtpress.

Redakcja zastrzega sobie prawo do dokonywania skrótów w nadesłanych tekstach i nadawania tytułów. Redakcja nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za poglądy wyrażane przez autorów w tekstach.