You are born and bred in Wrocław. How did you end up in Berlin?

I spent a year studying in Dresden and developed a very a good rapport with German architecture. After graduation I decided to move to Berlin; I wanted to gain professional experience there. It so happened that I have been living there until today.

What do you like most about Berlin?

The city’s social structure and its friendly human scale. Berlin is a huge city and yet sometimes I feel as if I were in Wrocław. The same architects often worked in both cities.

Are you in touch with the Polish community in Berlin? What can you say about the Poles you met there?

I meet Poles in Berlin practically every day.  I live opposite the Polish Schleppers Club (Club der polnischen versagen). The majority of Poles in Berlin are very resourceful. I am well impressed by their ability to assimilate and fit into an unfamiliar milieu. What I also like is that, paradoxically, Poles are much more  relaxed about the surrounding reality than Germans. I believe that both nations could learn a lot from each other.

What is your opinion of street art in Berlin?

I am a trained architect, I have begun dabbling in murals  only recently. I do think, however, that the Berlin mural art scene is far more underground. The murals are financed privately, in most cases the cities are not directly involved. I like murals which provide a commentary on reality, especially the one with the Berlin Wall slowly shading into a wall of Euro bills, or the Rolex watches which act as handcuffs. Berlin is a rebellious city and so are its murals. I feel that here lies the main difference between the Berlin scene and those of Warsaw or Wrocław.

You keep winning all possible contests in Poland. Are you planning to branch out to Berlin?

There is great interest in murals in Poland at the moment, open contests are being organized. I would love to paint something in Berlin, too – this time as part of an architectural office.

Which of your murals is your favourite?

Obviously, the one depicting my namesake, David Bowie, in the Warsaw district of Żoliborz!

What are your work plans for the coming months?

I entered several contests for murals and I do hope my applications will be successful.

Is there any particular space you would like to see your mural in?

I come from Wrocław and it is there that I would love to see my dream mural. I think high rise buildings at Grunwaldzki Square would be a perfect location for that.

Dawid Celek


Dawid Celek – born in 1986 in  Wrocław, graduated from the Architecture Department at the Wrocław University of Technology and Technische Universität Dresden. He has been working as an architect in Berlin since 2011. Last year he launched PATRZ! STUDIO, an office offering services in graphic, mural and architectural design. Laureate of numerous competitions and author of murals in Gdańsk, Kołobrzeg, Warsaw and Ruda Śląska.